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In addition to numerous products like Blackcore Edge Pre Workout out there, you will also find even more reviews that are far from honest. I started writing reviews, or as I like to call them dissections, of different products exactly for that reason. You will have a very hard time actually finding real information about a product. Most of the reviews are paid and do nothing more than simply try and shove a product down your throat.

With that said, I want to be upfront. I will not answer the question of whether you really should try this product but will rather provide you with some information about the website offering it, help you read between the lines, and provide you with honest 3rd party research I have put together about the ingredients to help you decide whether this really is the product for you.

What is Blackcore Edge Pre Workout?

They are pretty straightforward in the official website. This is a product that helps boost free testosterone levels. This is essential at one point or another in a man’s life as testosterone levels begin to drop by as much as 2-4% every year once you pass the age of 30. This is not only information from the website, but a fact. Yes, you will experience a number of problems once your testosterone begins to drop and it is quite unpleasant. Some of the problems you may experience are:

  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Erectile problems
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • And more…

There are numerous supplements out there that can boost testosterone levels and help alleviate most of these problems. The official website claims that this product can do this as well. You will feel more energetic and have more stamina in the bedroom and at the gym, you again start seeing faster results while you work out, your interest in sex will increase and you will have more energy to last longer, you will be more focused, and overall experience all the benefits of a testosterone boost.

They market this product with two main benefits. Improvement of your experience and results in the gym as well as the way you perform in the bedroom. This I can completely believe as long as their product really increases testosterone levels.

What is in Blackcore Edge Pre Workout?

What I liked is that they not only provide you with a brief list of active (main) ingredients with some information about them but also an image of the supplement facts. This to me is the most important information a website can provide to potential customers.

The ingredients are part of a special blend called FlowViv MAX-TEST. What I don’t like is that the ingredients are part of a blend rather than provided with their exact dosages individually. Many supplement companies do this in order to keep their formula secret so it cannot be stolen or copied while others do it in order to hide how underdosed some of the key ingredients are. Unfortunately, we cannot find out why exactly the ingredients are in a blend in this case.

With that said here are the main ingredients in the blend they provided information for:

  • Tongkat Ali – this is a natural herb which they claim boosts testosterone levels and increases lean muscle mass and sexual energy. Although it has been proven to improve male infertility there is still insufficient evidence proving that it will boost athletic performance, testosterone levels, muscle mass, or interest in sex though there is proof that it may be effective. It is considered safe and has no noted side effects.
  • Sarsaparilla – the official website claims that it helps boost mental focus and concentration, however there is no scientific proof of it actually doing either. On the other hand, it is considered safe and when not taken in large doses it won’t cause any side effects.
  • Saw Palmetto – is claimed to be an aphrodisiac and to boost testosterone levels giving you more stamina and energy. Unfortunately, regardless how often I have seen this ingredient in similar supplements, it really has no real proof of actually doing any of the above. It is considered safe but does have some possible side effects you may want to look into.
  • Horny Goat Weed – they claim that it will boost sexual performance and libido. Unfortunately it still has insufficient scientific evidence of doing either but there are signs that it may be effective in alleviating erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and other sexual problems.

The other ingredients in the blend are: 

  • Orchic Substance – there are claims that it may maintain testicle health in men but there is still insufficient evidence as it has not been researched enough. There is also very little research to confirm whether it is safe or has any side effects.
  • Wild Yam Extract – again there is insufficient evidence for a number of benefits which it has been researched to be beneficial as a natural DHEA. It is considered safe and has no side effects.
  • Nettle Extract – the benefits which are still being researched that could make this a great addition to the blend are its ability to heal wounds and improve circulation. More research is needed to prove these benefits though. It is considered safe and may cause some stomach complaints and sweating.

You can see the full list of ingredients in the Supplement Facts below: 

I have to admit that I am not overly impressed with the ingredients but from what I have seen in other similar supplements (some of which are effective) is that there are similar ingredients. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are newly discovered and are still being researched which is why they are still not scientifically confirmed for their benefits. Also, considering that all the ingredients are natural and different people will experience different results with them, especially when it comes to results in the gym as it depends on how much effort you put into it, the best way to determine if the supplement will work is by trying it.

Buying Blackcore Edge Pre Workout

To buy this product you need to go through their free trial. The trial actually costs $4.99 for shipping. The important thing to remember is (as they don’t mention it in the website) that the trial is for 14 calendar days from the day you order. After that you are charged $89.99 and enrolled in their auto ship program. You will continue to be charged $89.99 every month and receive new supply of the product until you call (1-877-663-9027) and cancel.

My Final Opinion?

I don’t think the website or product are a scam as long as you make sure you read the terms and conditions. I don’t like that the ingredients are in a blend but as it is common practice it isn’t necessarily a big problem. As long as you are well aware of the terms and conditions I think it would be safe to try Blackcore Edge Pre Workout for several days to see if it has any effect on you.

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